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I’m an intentional bachelor. It’s not like I can’t get married. I choose to stay single.

While you’re with me, you can lean on me. My shoulders are broader than they appear. They are capable of supporting you.

"It’s Okay, That’s Love" | EP. 1| "Just shake it and leave, kid."

Gong Gi Tae is my man.

"Hello, do you know what k drama is this?Its about two best friends ,they live in a province, the girl is a class president and knows how to ride the bike.On her last day, since she and her family needs to leave for Seoul, she gave him the bike. The guy is a member of a school band since when she was already in Seoul, she's watching them on the tv, and the girl has to leave Korea to study in University of Pennsylvania. Sorry if its not clear, my cousins were watching this and I forgot to ask them"
asked by Anonymous

I think you’re talking about Adolescence Medley.

Here’s the link to the first episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P98UaWPQrrM

"whats the name of the drama in the left?"
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The gif on the left of the blog is called I Can Hear Your Voice.

"I was wondering if you knew any good kdramas? I'm in desperate need of a good one :) thank u and have a nice day"
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I’m currently watching Marriage Not Dating and Fated to Love You. I really like both of them so far :)

"Isn’t that something good?"

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